Thursday, March 09, 2017

Thursday March 09 2017

Arapahoe High School Daily Bulletin
Thursday March 09, 2017

Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance

General Announcements

Hey Warriors! Next week is warrior week! To kick off the fundraiser, there will be an Ice cream social tomorrow night from 5-9 at The Inside Scoop Creamery in Downtown Littleton. Check the website for directions!  Remember to dress up next Monday for Polyjuice Potion day, where you get to dress up as your favorite character from the Harry Potter Universe. Excited to see your spirit!

Are you a senior guy who is talented, charismatic, and looking to be the next Mr. Arapahoe? Applications and more information are now online and hard copies will be available in the Activities Office. The applications are due on March 17th, but, candidates will have until the event on May 2nd to get truly pageant ready. The winner will receive two free prom tickets, a trophy to be displayed in the trophy hall, and of course the title of Mr. Arapahoe.


Be sure to check the Arapahoe website for further details